[Release] In-Game Server/Resource Management ~ Ranks, Kick/Ban, Resource Start/Stop

Alright, I’ll take a look! Thanks

Is there a way to disable the menu, or change the keybind? I use a controller, and every time I hit ‘B’ a menu pops up.

When i try typing in the commands it doesnt do or show anything, i got command processor and the playervar installed properly and resources load no problems

yeah me too if one can help me and cody !!

I am also having this issue.

I reccomend using EssentialMode with the admin plugin

It would be best to use something else until I can get time to work on this. Havn’t had any free time

I don’t completely understand how to install it I dragged the Server management and the player var and the cmd processor into the resources folder and added them to the server yml, it says it loads it but when I get in game, i do /smhelp and nothing happens.

Read the comments above you :confused:

cmd processor has been updated as standalone per mod, no longer uses overriding the chat resource, so this mod is broken for now, needs a fix.

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  • Updated Command Proccessor (No need to replace chat anymore)
  • Removed GUID deprecation, uses GetPlayerIdentifiers now
  • Everything should be working as of 5/4/2017
  • Going to make the main post look nicer (maybe)

Added resource management commands to the trusted permission [/rmstart /rmstop /rmrestart]
giving people in the trusted list the ability to start and stop resources in-game.

I keep receiving this error any time I attempt to use the chat function in the console:

and I am unable to use any command.

Sorry you are having this problem D:

Do you have the required resource enabled as well?

Make sure you have this in your AutoStartResources!
- PlayerVar
- ServerManagement

PS: I don’t think the error you see is relevant D: It happens without the resource even loaded.

lol, I forgot to remove the -master after on the folder names. I fixed it.

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can someone please help me. add my kik masterjessejames

for the life of me, I can get my guid to show. any help would be appreciated.

Did you load the resource correctly? What happens when you type /smhelp

Also check your server console to see if it has loaded or not

PS when you download from github it has -master make you remove that or include it to the resources!

Yeah, when I type in chat /guid it shows the false flags, but no guid, at the top. So I’m assuming that I installed it right. I’m not sure on the help command, I’ll have to check when I get home. But all the commands work just says I don’t have permission. Cause I can’t get the guid, to put in the rank file.

Do you have steam required on? And logged in to steam? Your guid is a form of your steamid!

Yep, just double checked it when I got home. It’s on and rolling. Ive tried to see if there was other ways to find it, but no such luck.