[Release] Improved Tow Truck Script (Includes 2 custom flatbeds)


+1 on this on. I was just coming here to ask that lol


I’m a dope and should’ve read the thread first…

@TCG_SAPSRP this should do the trick…


You sill have them cords?


Can you make it so the up and down arrow keys could change the z-position of the vehicle?


Trying to add a car trailer but i must be missing something, halp dad!


Get in your truck get out then go /tow


negative. ive tried every combination. in the truck. out of the truck. behind the truck. works just find with a flatbed tho.


nvm have to be able to sit on the trailer so it counts it as a car


ah okay =( another thing i must figure out now =P


I would get the one on gta5 mods that has the tool box that is what I use


Thank you much ill take a look at it


It’s this one:


is it still up-to-date ?
Because I can still hear the police sirens on flatbed when the resource is enabled


How can I find the skin layout? I want to change the skin to make a custom one but I can’t find any .png files to edit it. Anybody know where I can get them?