[Release] IceCon: the officially supported rcon tool


someone should get on that. Imagine how much it would help the community


Why don’t you “get on that”??


don’t know how. All I know is HTML and a touch of php.
Trying to learn lua in spare time


Is it infected with one.


What was the comand for help, please?


I can’t seem to connect to my rcon, I’ve tried changing the password multiple times, quadruple checked to make sure I typed everything in correctly. Anyone know whats the problem? (server is a windows server and Im using the icecon windows)


is there a list of commands?


whats the commands for the icecon i gave myself superadmin but i need to make my self just a normal player so i can work thing out, and see if things are working the way it should be


The commands are in the docs:


Your resources and framework may add additional commands that can be carried out in console as well.


i dont know if anyone needs this but for bat file you can put this into to run from same folder where the exe is

start “” “%~dp0icecon_windows_i386.exe” -g serverip:port password

it will start exe file and connect you to your server with your password, and close cmd after running it so it will have only icecon running


How do I open the console? Is it with a program? Please help (Thank you so much in advance)


Is it possible to boot a server using RCON?


better way:
cmd /c start FiveM-Console.exe -g ip:30120 pass