[Release] IceCon: the officially supported rcon tool


someone should get on that. Imagine how much it would help the community


Why don’t you “get on that”??


don’t know how. All I know is HTML and a touch of php.
Trying to learn lua in spare time


Is it infected with one.


What was the comand for help, please?


I can’t seem to connect to my rcon, I’ve tried changing the password multiple times, quadruple checked to make sure I typed everything in correctly. Anyone know whats the problem? (server is a windows server and Im using the icecon windows)


is there a list of commands?


whats the commands for the icecon i gave myself superadmin but i need to make my self just a normal player so i can work thing out, and see if things are working the way it should be


The commands are in the docs:


Your resources and framework may add additional commands that can be carried out in console as well.