[Release] HyperAdmin - Standalone Administrative Menu


When we select which player, it shows


Check my recent message


But how do i setup who can use the menu and who can use what etc?


Please check the original post under the How to Use section.

That’s just a display issue, due to the menu loading in before the client has received the names of all the players. This will be fixed in a future release, however, you can also check which player that is by clicking it and seeing the title (which will be the player name).


Can you help me set this up? I’m having issues with it.


what issues may that be?


It does not show in game…?


Make sure you have your Ace Permissions set up in your server config. Look at the How to Use section, where it has a link to the ace permissions.



#add_ace group.god easyadmin allow
#add_ace group.admin easyadmin.kick allow
#add_ace group.admin easyadmin.freeze allow
#add_ace group.admin easyadmin.spectate allow
#add_ace group.admin easyadmin.teleport allow


Is that the layout?


yes however you need to remove the #, that comments out that line, making it ineffective.

Also it’s supposed to be hyperadmin


Is this correct?
add_ace group.god hyperadmin allow
add_ace group.mod hyperadmin.kick allow
add_ace group.admin hyperadmin.ban allow
add_ace group.mod hyperadmin.monitor allow
add_ace group.mod hyperadmin.tp allow
add_ace group.mod hyperadmin.bring allow
add_ace group._dev hyperadmin.resourcestart allow
add_ace group._dev hyperadmin.resourcestop allow
add_ace group._dev hyperadmin.resourcerestart allow
add_ace group._dev hyperadmin.gametype allow
add_ace group._dev hyperadmin.mapname allow




Thanks :slight_smile:


i think thats something wrong with mine.
When i install it my players keep going stuck at the post loading screen, in the character loading… I have removed this resource and than it came back work again, someone knows why?


is this normal?


When running on Windows it is. Those exceptions don’t seem to impact the usability of C# resources.


Im having an issue with this script it seems to cuase massive lag when a bunch of people join the server it causes the playernames to pop up and say it is taking most of my frames


Player names? What?


it says resource time warning Player_Names (30ms= 60fps


That’s not this resource.