[Release] Heli Script



Is it possible to remove the thermal camera as its a bit op for my build


Sure, you have two options:

  1. Make sure the line below
PushScaleformMovieFunction(scaleform, "SET_CAM_LOGO")

has as parameter a 0, this makes it not display the logo.
Then DrawSprite your own image wherever you want.

  1. Edit the texture that comes with the HELI_CAM scaleform. (Search for it in OpenIV)

Search these forums for examples of DrawSprite or in-game texture replacement.


Some way to direct the spotlight when you activate it by pressing G to turn it on is only pointed ahead of the helicopter.


reference the original post it guides you to what you are looking for


In the script have some way of lowering the angle of the light to aim down without the need to be tilting the heli for it to illuminate


@CLOS if you read the original post you will find a link to a modified, network-synced version of the script. It has an extra spotlight mode that can be manually aimed. The standard G spotlight that points forward is not adjustable.


Anyone got a video of this? Video in description isn’t working for me :frowning:


Could you possibly help me with the Net Synced version? I replaced the old resource and client with everything you had here but apparently while I, the user of the spotlight, could see the light perfectly, no one else on the ground or in the heli with me could see the light at all?


Does the rappel only work with the default polmav?


is there a way to add multiple helicopters to this script?


The only way I have found to add multiple helis to the script (at least for me) has been to duplicate the resource (ex: heli, heli2, heli3, etc) and for the line where it mentions in the beginning polmav_hash(“polmav”) change the “polmav” to whatever heli name you want it to work off of) I currently have the resource working for 4 helis like this mainly for the polmav, but also CG helis as well as a news heli without the use of a spotlight and LSPD logo.


No you should copy what Vespura wrote further up makes it way easier than having multiple scripts


now is there a part of this that will get the spotlight to track a suspect/target


Maybe the wrong one


Did you ever get a addon vehicle to work with this?


This works with addon vehicles but you must have a heli with a actual camera as prop on the bottom. It works fine when i use the as350 helicopter. Its released on the Forums somewhere so just search up “as350” and i’m sure it will come up.



local polmav_hash = GetHashKey("polmav")
local polmav_hash = GetHashKey("aw139")
local polmav_hash = GetHashKey("ADDONVEHICLENAME")

just do that and add the vehicle name where i show, you have to make a new line for each.


source code please?


Is there any way you can make it so the spotlight could set to lock on a specific player or be rotatable? that would be amazing if possible…


Yeap fly below 200 I think ,and get your cross hairs on target and hit the space bar. then hit G for the light, I think.