[Release] Handcuff and Handsup scripts


I dont really care about the hotkey. I am just desperate for a good script. Also the hands up is perfect.


The keypress runs on a raycast meaning the player must be in front of you to cuff them. Sometimes it might have a delay.

There is not a /cuff command anymore. I removed that in the last version because everyone kept asking for a damn keypress…


We have tried. Still just says returns true.


When I release updates or any script at all I do testing before it ever hits the forums. There has to be something canceling that animation.

When you cuff them are they allowed to pull guns or anything.


Its fine man its just irritating because I would call myself one of the people in this community that shares more then I should and I get treated as if I get paid to do this stuff. I do this stuff on my time when I could have a million better things to be doing with my free time.


no one cares Hazy, get your meat head out your ass!


Hello :smiley:

Would it be possible to use coding from this to like connect it to the player having to have “zipties” for them to be able to “cuff” someone?

Thanks <3


I mean yeah but its something you are gonna have to do not me.


I was just asking if it was possible thanks!


I know I was just making it known because I have a lot of people that give ideas and expect it to be done. Its pretty much just habit now.

No problem.


Maybe I am just missing this part in the code, but does this add to the chat basically death notifications? After adding this script to my test server, I got a death message that said “[Players name] stabbed [Players name]”.


Yeah definitely not this one.


Oh boy. This should be fun to find… lol. Thanks :smiley:


:smile: Good luck.


This seems extremly nice. But is there a way to prevent cops from arresting other cops?


I mean there is but I mean I think the police should just be careful honestly.


I understand that is just the fact that sometimes the nearby cops can arrest eachother.


@Eulion He is right you know.

{Although it was a good idea}


The cuffing script does not go by radius though? It goes by the person in front of you?


It happend once. Cuffing the cop next to the suspect. I guess I wasn’t centered enough.