[Release] Handcuff and Handsup scripts


can you connect this to esx_policejob that have the cuff in f6 meny?


does this still work?





What are the commands?


OMG look how old this resource is XD… This thing needs updated again lol.

@ZINKS123 /cuff PlayerID | /hu


Oh, I was looking for a /hu and a /huk script so they have to get on their knees


The handsup kneel animation doesn’t seem to work with me, I have made a server and client lua and put the text in, does it need anything else to function? it doesn’t seem to ‘load’ the command, it just puts it as plain text in the textbox


Why everyone can do /cuff, not only police?


Because it’s a basic resource. I am not the one that’s supposed to restrict it you are.


You mind if I use this in my Toolbox release?


If it helps sure. But credits please


Of course man, just makes it so I didn’t have to write it.


Perfect. I hate to reinvent the wheel aswell.


/cuff isn’t a command in my server while i loaded in the resource?


You need the players ID.


so /cuff 1 ? like that?


Well it’s the players identifier on the scoreboard. But yes.


Can u use this script in esx_policejob?


It’s not built for ESX. I am sure it can be modified to work but that is on you.


uhhh why is he removing the post?