[Release] Handcuff and Handsup scripts


UPDATE: I switched out the old download link to the one with my github. I also fixed the script so it works with the FXServer.

I also combined both the handsup and the cuff script into one resource so one drag and drop.


Is there anyway you can create a drag script to drag other players if they are cuffed because there are some but none are working for me.


Well yeah there is a way. I might add one in. Not sure yet though


Works even better on FX Server than it did before. Great job Xander. And yea i agree would be cool if there was a working drag script


For some reason when the cuffed plays run they get uncuffed


hm that is weird they shouldn’t be getting uncuffed like that.


its happening on both cfx and fx so not sure whats wrong i even installed your latest update


I will look at it later thanks for the report.


your welcome i usally report bugs cause other people just might wait for the fix and its easier to fix it when you know what the problem is :wink:


does this work with Fx servers?


Yes, it works very well too I might add.


hey so i cant undrag anyone…


I am gonna start working on this script now to see what I can do.


UPDATE: I just removed the drag functionality as I had forgotten it was in there. I could not replicate the person getting uncuffed when running | climbing | getting in vehicles. So I have no clue whats causing it.


UPDATE: I fixed the ability to attack players while they are cuffed and while their hands are up. I also started adding a handcuff model to the peds wrist for more of a visual effect but the model is a bit weird. I may need to make my own cuff model to have streamed possibly for everyone.

[Things I need to fix]
I know when you fall from a large distance and you ragdoll the handcuffs come off. I will find a fix for that later. I also know that players can still climb ladders while cuffed I am thinking of a fix for that as well just haven’t found the right way yet.


Anyone having any issues with this script lately? Not working for me today. I enter both commands but nothing happens for each. Not sure when or why it stopped working. Using the lastest version.


I was having issues with addon cars. Basically when I got in an addon car the commands would work sometimes. but I restarted my server and its all good now idk.


Might have just been bugged out. A friend says it working fine now.


what buttons are used for this?


These scripts use chat commands.

/hu for hands up/down.
/cuff ID for handcuffs. ID being the player’s ID you want to cuff. Repeat to uncuff. ie: /cuff 3