[Release] Hako Map


Here is Hako ported to GTA V from AC.


  1. Extract the hako folder
  2. Place in resources directory
  3. Add start hako to your server.cfg (make sure to remove any other map)


Okay and thanks, it’s working :slight_smile:

But I spawn always ‘in the air’ (Down under the map) ? :open_mouth:


I have uploaded a fix and awaiting approval.
For now you can fix it by opening map.lua and overwriting the current line with this,
spawnpoint 'a_m_y_skater_01' { x = 24.1964, y = 995.2933, z = 117.9940 }

Thanks for telling me!
(edit:Download link is now updated)


Okayy and Thanks :slight_smile:


But I’m still spawn in ‘nowhere’ :open_mouth: