[Release] Gruppe6 Security Cars Addon Pack!




I thought about doing this for a while just for my server but I’ve found nothing out there like this. I hope everyone enjoy’s this pack I quickly made! These vehicles are orginially the 2016 California Highway Patrol MegaPack by TheHurk. I give all the credit goes to TheHurk. I just made custom skins for the vehicles.

VERSION 1.1 https://goo.gl/tvzQVS
VERSION 1.0 https://goo.gl/4SfGS5

Original Download: http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/12322-2016-california-highway-patrol-megapack/722

Vehicle Screenshots!

Visual Pack used in these photos was Radiance V.


Installation is as easy as it gets!
Drag and drop the “gruppe6pack” folder into your resources and make sure to add it to your server’s autostarts.

start gruppe6pack-1.1

1.1 Red/Blue coronas fixed and changed to amber thanks to @TheKodah
1.0 Released

NOTE: Any suggestions please leave them down below! Thank you. Also a huge thank you to @Deziel0495 for converting these into a single resource and making my life easier. Link to Deziel’s converted pack! [Release] 2016 California Highway Patrol MegaPack V1.2. All credit goes to TheHurk for making these vehicles. I ONLY made the skins, not the vehicles. Link to TheHurk’s profile https://www.lcpdfr.com/profile/88917-thehurk/

New Non-ELS Addon Security Vehicles
[Assistance Required] Vehicle handlings
New Non-ELS Addon Security Vehicles

Awesome job! I have been waiting for something like this!


Just tried it and for me the yellow light isnt showing, it is still red and blue (like I see the “yellow skin” but it flashes red and blue


Nice work, are you planning on making skins like this for more vehicles or packs?


Yall will need to change the light settings in your carvariations of the Gruppe6pack folder . Change all 3cars to 17, there is no number for yellow, only amber.
Its better then red and blue though. should look like this.


lightSettings value=“1”
sirenSettings value=“17”


Hmm. Works as it should for me without changing the settings :ok_hand:.


I changed “sirenSettings” to 17 and the lights are just freaking out…


I’m trying to get a fix for this as we speak guys. They work fine on my end. Can someone please join my discord and send me pictures of what it’s doing! :slight_smile: I wanna get a fix for this ASAP


Yes sir if a huge amount of people request upon


I tried this and it resulted in the lights not working at all


I can´t provide you any screens because after I restarted the server (I didn´t change anything) there are no more lights :smiley: the light isn´t going crazy or anything, it´s just gone :smiley: just a lightbar without light.
I might be just too stupid for that stuff :slight_smile:


I messaged you on Discord


I downloaded it and extracted it and got nothing…


Ok I figured out some of the problem. I am using custom ELS style Carcols.ymt in my Client side from this. http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/12499-custom-visuals/ If you look at the info on the Page it explains all the numbers for the Lights. now I took out the carcols and set it back to 1 instead of 17 and it still had the red a blue bleeding thru but this time the reflections looked like rotaiting lights.


I remember doing this same thing on my server but it was all Blue police Lights , And NO ONE saw the same thing unless they had the same Carcols.ymt in there Client side. If everyone had a different CLIENT side Carcols it was bat shit crazy on there screen. Dibzer could you tell us what yours is? LOL if not that’s Ok ,I forgot and had to go find mine. Yellow lights are a Bitch in this game,No refections and nothing uses it but the tow trucks.


I dont know much but I think “carcols” and “visualsettings” are client sided


No, there is server sided streamed data files for carcols and such, its how the lights work on everyones clients.


i made it a zip file for linux vps’s Example OVH, hosting off a ubuntu computer that cant extract rar files. i never messed with the files just combined it into a zip file for linux


what the hell did that guy say?

in your zip what did you change?