[Release] Generic DUI 2d/3d renderer



How do I get this working?


It’s possible to do a system to interact with the screen and delimit the sound ? Thx


i have set up the gfx and called the create dui function but it doesnt work, can someone help me?


I made a js but where do i have to put it? also do i need to “start” the js somewhere? Im sorry but im not good in scripting


This JS script is ready to go, just use it as client_script in __resources


but should i put it in the stream folder? or in the main folder where the __resource.lua is


Main folder with __resource


okey i ll try it. thanks


Can u send me config in resource_lua??


after reading a little tutorial I arrive at his … but no idea if his work I would test later …


just right start resources we’ll see what gives it


Im sorry, I still am not sure what this is. Is like a live website in game? or is this a pre made resource that plays when you start the resource.


^—I am with him.