[Release][FXServer][ES5] CarWash


With dust I mean this:


yes, i changed the way the car gets cleaned, since it’s almost midnight here, and i have to go to work tomorrow i’ll have to look into that tomorrow if i have the time.


You do you. Thanks for the work you put into this.


New update is out
was going to add something to check if the vehicle was already clean, but since DoesVehicleHaveDecal() returns false every single time it doesn’t have a clan decal, i just wasn’t able to do it, maybe fivem can add a function to do that something like IsVehicleClean or even better to join the dirt and decals DoesVehicleNeedToBeWashed …

anyways the script now cleans the dirt and dust and everything, you just need to be careful to not click ENTER more than 1 time because that will take your money as many times as you press ENTER and doesn’t do anything after the first time.



please for the vrp, really looking forward to


@Kamaz @SofaKingToxic vRP version here: [Release][FXServer][vRP] CarWash


Thank you for this script :heart_eyes:, but I press on enter, the money is debited but no clean my car :confused:


@Scorpio686 again ? :tired_face:
can you send me the server and client (press F8) logs once you press ENTER (if something gets logged) ?

which fivem server version are you using ?

what is your essentialmode version ?

what is your carwash version ?

can you also try to delete everything inside your fivem client cache folder and try again?

is this happening to anyone else ?


Thanks for answer TheSpartaPT :slight_smile:

Fivem server version : 369 08-Sep-2017 19:56 (linux)

EssentialMode version : 4.6.3

Carwash version : 1.5

cache delete client and server

Before press enter :

Console client :

Console server :
After press enter :

Yes for me, and my friend


@Scorpio686 i’ll have to look into this tomorrow and install the server on my vps since i’m not having any problem what so ever with the windows server version


Thank you TheSpartaPT :slight_smile:


Can u make this plugin for ESX? would be great!


there’s no need for an esx version since the my script works with esx, but if you really want an esx version for some reason click here


Im new to this but can anyone modify this and turn it into a repair shop?


Do you have one where you could make it so it doesnt run off of anything? So it doesnt need esx or vrp or essential mode?


@Daveyentim1 the need for the vrp or essential comes from the fact that they have money systems integrated within them, I’m not going to make my own money system, that would be stupid, you want a bank that works for everything, not a bank per job, shop, etc .


@Daveyentim1 if you need something custom you can dm me, it won’t cost you anything because it will probably be simple enough …


new version 1.6 fixes for people that use it standalone (without EssentialMode)

you are now able to run the script without EssentialMode as long as the variable “enableprice” is equal to “false”


1.6.1 out

new carwash location added (at sandy shores)


Check your git. I sent a pull request with some nice little pNotify changes :slight_smile: