FiveMCalmAI does what it says
it calms down the AI where they ignore gunshots and anything else.
I made this script to fix the problematic AI that always runs you over.
It makes them ignore everything almost, they will no longer fight you if you run into them, they will not even freak out when shots are fired,etc
fivemcalmai.zip (61.2 KB)


Already a thing


Have you tested them both? Keyed’s might be better. It’s also different as this one uses C# or equivalent as it’s compiled into a DLL file and the other one is made in LUA


Cant wait to test !!


Already a thing


And your point is? … maybe this one works better, maybe it works worse, maybe it’s a better alternative for people that couldn’t get the other one to work. How about a thank you for someone that spends the time to not only make a script for FiveM, but to then release it to the public.

Thank you, keyed, I’ll probably be switching to yours after I do a performance test to see which script performs better as the other calm AI script only works 80% of the time. :+1:


Will give this a test later, good job mate :slight_smile:


As long as it’s not stolen code, alternatives are always a good thing :slight_smile: As @ToastinYou said:


nice release :slight_smile: you may wanna check out my TasksWrapper-FiveM resource if you dont wanna deal with AI losing tasks on owner change :smile:


what I do is basically create a loop where it loops through all the AI ped’s in the world and set’s it block permanent events to true which effectively stops the AI from even caring if you shoot someone, etc

And I would like to thank ToastinYou for stopping the naysayers as that is exactly what they said about my ClearTheWayV script that it already existed, it wasn’t needed,etc but they don’t say that now do they?


Any source code for that?


Another helpful release, thank you for your work bud!


Great work buddy!!! Amazing work as always!


Another useful release. Thanks!


No, I do not release source code at this time sorry.


great job Tim keep it up :wink:


I love all the people saying how it already exists… It irritates me, FiveM servers often offer the same thing, yet there are 1000s of them and nobody bats an eye. The other doesn’t work for me. This one does… Get lives stop shaming others for making something that has already been made. If they put the time in it so be it. Maybe this one doesn’t interfere with other scripts… Good work @keyedinsoftware


Couldn’t get the old one to do anything, will test this in a bit! Thanks!


for some odd reason ai aren’t still wanting to stay calm with this mod


update: this didn’t do anything either