[RELEASE][Fun]SpotiFive - FiveM's Spotify implementation! v1.4



Error is confirmed the issue backend is going under maintenance until fixed



you will have to re-login to get it working


can’t believe i actually got it working :smiley: you’ll have to re-login to SpotiFiveM to link your account and server :wink:


if issue described below in image then please contact me and i’ll see what i can do.

it is confirmed a backend issue. if it works fine then ok! if not then contact me with the image of your console error. if i confirm your issue is within the script you would have to contact @IllusiveTea because only @IceHax gave me permission to continue the backend part.


as you can see it’s currently working :wink:

According to the docs /v1/me/player will return no content when no available devices are found.

it’s not a bug, you just don’t have spotify open on any device


ah ok thanks for the information


Backend going offline for a vps resize


Backend Back Online! it should stay up forever now :wink: atleast until the domain expires


Backend back online sorry for the inconvenience it had crashed but now it’s back up and running i’ll fix the crash in a few days


is this server sided





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