[RELEASE][Fun]SpotiFive - FiveM's Spotify implementation! v1.4



the backend is live again!!!

it is undergoing some final testing now. If you were using a custom backend it is recommended you revert to the original one, as it now also supports SSL.


if the backend will ever go down, please let me know so i can fix it asap.


the backend went down for some reason. it’s back up.


Backend is down? Refuses to connect, tried Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge…

Also, resource is throwing different errors when server first goes up.


wtf? why does this keep going down… i’ll check it out.


the db was under maintenance, should be fixed now.


Up again, thank you!!


@IceHax Backend is down again! gotta love it lol




you sure?



what are you hosting the backend off of? linux vps or windows?


it’s a linux vps. it’s supposed to restart on crash, but heh, it doesnt apparently
there’s a lot of bugs in the code but since this project is discontinue i am not going to fix them, also im kinda tired of restarting this shit all the time, so heh, you’ll have to host it yourself. this project is officially dead.


question do i just

node app.js

or do i have to do something else?


@IceHax quick question how do i change the db to my localhost mongodb?? it keeps linking to yours i think

Any Idea why i keep getting Invalid Redirect URI i’ve tried adding it to spotify i’ve tried my public ip (ABOVE) i’ve tried setting vars in the app.js still couldn’t get it any idea please let me know asap! thanks.


just edit the url var, as i said, the code is a mess.


well then i guess it’s time i clean it up :wink:


TEMP URL: http://livemap.larp.ml:3000/
ignore the url it’ll change either if icehax dms me the nameservers for the whogivesashitaboutit.it or whatever then it can link to the livemap.larp.ml or i can get a free domain from freenom (dot.tk) and link it once i pay off my vps

STATUS: https://stats.uptimerobot.com/Y5QWKCE8J

Backend is backup!


+ 1.0 Added Copyright so Icehax doesn't get confused ;)
+ 1.2 Fixed Backend - Officially restarts on crash using nodemon!
+ 1.3 Fixed Redirect URI's from spotify
+ 1.4 Fixed Mongo DB!
+ Added a report abuse button on the main screen!


- Report Abuse Send Button Crashes the App


I will be continuing this project (Backend Part of it)

Permission: GRANTED by @IceHax


*edit, he’ll be keeping the backend up and running and maybe make it a bit better, i’m outta here now.


Backend Online!

link: https://whogivesashitabout.it/