[Release] Ft_libs (23/07/2018)



What is this ?

For the moment I started at the base, creating menus, notification, blip, Ip, marker, etc. In the future we will be able to find a resource that allows managed players (as essentialmode does), a garage resource, an inventory resource, etc … What to do a server RP, DRIFT, ZOMBIE or other.

FivemTools aims to simplify the task, no need to waste your time rewriting the same functions that comes back all the time (menus, notification, blip, Ip, marker, etc …) rather use an export or event and have the same result and can be even better.

FivemTools is above all a community project and listening to your needs. It is not intended to replace ES, ESX, VRP, but to propose a new alternative or even complementary solution.

The base ressource: (menu, utils, marker, blip, etc …)
Github : https://github.com/FivemTools/ft_libs
Doc : https://fivemtools-libs.readme.io/docs

In the future ressources :

  • Player manager
  • Inventory
  • Garage
  • etc …

Other links :
Github : https://github.com/fivemtools
Site : https://fivem.tools/
Support discord : https://discord.me/fivemtools


deal installing

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What does the area thing do
also u spelled example wrong in the docs


Happy anniversary for the FiveM community :slight_smile: :cake:

Looks awesome can’t wait to take a peak at it. Also before a mod or someone tells you about PSA in Releases… The “Join us” with the discord link… Just thought I would give you a heads up before a moderator tells ya.

Looks neat though…



It’s a community project, that’s why discord exists. But I can remove it if needed :slight_smile:

Edit :

Exemples ? You can also make suggested edits :slight_smile:


Keep Up the great work.



Voilà le S, le retour!

Nice job, nice to see you again!



If you need help a discord exists :slight_smile:


Yeah, It’s spelled examples, I can see you’re not a English speaker, ill suggest edits on them

EDIT: Done


@Sam_Behner thx, if you find other errors do not hesitate :slight_smile:


Relase 0.7.4 is publish

Optimise Trigger and Marker
Refectoring and pass to OOP :smiley:
Fix currentMarker

Link : https://github.com/FivemTools/ft_libs/releases/tag/0.7.4