[Release] FRFuel [v1.6.0]



how can i adjust the level of fuel in an atv or something like that


Simple path: you can’t. Complex path: custom handling.


can’t get it to work for zaphosting


What a great bugreport! Well, i am very sorry to hear it.


Is It possibile to give a costs for liters?


can i get screen shot


Sure thing.


We have updated FRFuel to support configurable fuel consumption rate so now you can set it up like so your zentorno will eat up all fuel in 10 seconds, why not.


i can’t see the fuel bar please help me I tried to reinstall it but it doesn’t wanna work


Hi @thers
Can you add to your script where the fuel mod works for Air and land vehicles thanks


Wouldn’t it be exports.frfuel:setFuel(65).


The script works great! Is there any way I could change the text for the prompts tho?


It would be much more helpful if your majesty would suggest to us what exactly are those bugs and hells.

The above might sound toxic, but plenty of time has been put in this resource to “just work” so feedback like this sounds like a mockery.


Well apparently we’ll add support for this in the very next release.


No, it would not.


At first thought you’re talking about that there should be . instead of :. Thank you, fixed this bit.


Send me a screenshot of how you inserted this into your server please.


Yeah, I probably should’ve stated that at first :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks senpai~


Nvm it works thanks though for replying.