[RELEASE][FR]/[EN] - Coffre LSPD / Vault


[FR] Bonjour à tous,
Je viens partager avec vous mon premier script à savoir un coffre fort LSPD
Ce script permet en autre de pouvoir stocker / retirer de l’argent en tout sécurité ( avec une permission selon le job ) dans un coffre fort. De plus en utilisant le script cops , lorsque vous faites une amende l’argent va directement dans ce coffre.

[EN] Hi everyone,
I’m sharing today my first script. a LSPD Vault.
This script will allowed you to save the money from fines and allow cops to withdraw this money.
The vault is secured with the job script.

Lien de téléchargement / Download link

Vous avez besoin de / You need :

  • essential
  • cops
  • es_freeroam (pour les notifications clients / Notification event )
  • job

Modification :
Modifier la fonction Fines du script Cops par celle ci :
Change the Cops script :

function Fines(amount)
	t, distance = GetClosestPlayer()
	if(distance ~= -1 and distance < 3) then
		TriggerServerEvent("fbi:finesGranted", GetPlayerServerId(t), amount)
		TriggerServerEvent("coffrelspd:amendecoffre", amount)
		TriggerEvent('chatMessage', 'SYSTEM', {255, 0, 0}, "No player near you (maybe get closer) !")

Dans Server.lua , les job-id correspondent au id des jobs autorisés à vendre / retirer de l’argent
In Server.lua , job_id : jobs allowed to withdraw / deposit money

if(idjob == '19' or idjob =='18')then

UPDATE 21/06/2017
mysql async
Thanks to Walter-White for this update

J’espère qu’il vous plaira
Hope you’ll enjoy it



thx bro good job!!!


Amazing! really good script !!! thank you !


So perfect ! You open the possibility to create a bank depot fo every job.

Thanks for your release. /bow


" You open the possibility to create a bank depot fo every job. " True :wink:


Next step, Deposit items ? :slight_smile:


(FR) Bonjour ^^Super script tres bon travail ,les objets de l’inventaire peuvent y etre stocker aussi ?

(EN) Hello ^^ Super script very good work, inventory items can be stored there too?


(FR) Seul l’argent peut être stocké pour le moment
(EN) Items next update (y)


Very nice work :wink: Thanks for the relaease!


Yes, yes, oh yes, yes and yes, awesome yes, yes extraordinary! This is the effect I have after seeing your lovely release! Impressive is all I was looking for! :wink: Thank you, big “Thank you”.


hi guys great job!!! thank you very much !!!
I waited for it with impatience for the brinks.
However I have an error you can help me please thank you

Sorry for my english im french


Yes bro it’s no problem i take a full script and delete cache


Make sure you have all ressources mentionned before and check the job id too


I pass in message to deprive for step to make dirty the discussion


Easy to setup and so cool :wink: Nice job !


can you translate it in mysql-asyc please bro thanks


Speak inglish no french


Hello, the script looks great!
Can we install the installer with the basic LaLife_rp resources?
Because I have 0 errors, but I do not see anything at stake.
Thank you!


How for mysql asinc ???


I have translated this script in mysql async and for source La_Life :wink: