[Release] Flatbed w/ working bed



Nice Script mate, loving it :slight_smile:


Have anyone fixed the issue with the bed staying in the air after the flatbed had been deleted?


Nice release, keep up the good work :slight_smile:


possibility to make it job based (like only a mechanic can use it) tried some stuff and got attempt to index a nil value (global ‘ESX’)


So ESX support? :sigh: <-- Should be an emote


si i want it to be used only for mechanic


You are joking right? lol


No i want the marker to activate only woth a specific job…


Do it yourself…


Yes but how can u make it work with esx


Thank you so much. Now i finally know how :wink:


oke sorry but im not gonna use the script its not propperly working in multiplayer i like the idea but its soo glitchy


If you want to release an ESX version, then please make your own topic.

That is if you are given permissions by @glitchdetector to do so.


You’re free to create new topics for enhancements of the script, although any non-dependant enhancements should be PRd into the original resource repo where available.


Sorry :wink:


Hi there

I have tried using this mod and the bed doesn’t work on FiveM , When I spawn in the car and tow truck to test this

There is no marker about lowering the bed ect…

Any advice would be appreciated thanks


It works on fivem just fine


Is there anything I need to do with the files or something , When I have done the files so they have the stream folder and the resource lua etc… The vehicle spawns when I spawn it via Lambda but the bed does not work


Its only hella laggy


That means whatever you have done is not streaming it correctly and you are spawning the original vanilla truck through the menu