[Release] Flatbed w/ working bed



I’ma put this vehicle to use with [ESX] The Auto Repair Shop [RELEASE] [V1.5][11/5/2018]


The source of the model is literally the first thing in the OP, and yes, it does come with an LSPD livery for some reason


Thanks good job m8


Sweet thinking about putting an LAPD livery on :sunglasses:


+1 for the scripts, but there is a problem with your flatbed when u a far away from it y can only see the bed.


Really cool resource! Thanks for your work!
I have questions: is it working with bikes?
If yes, is it possible to put two bikes on the bed on it or only one?


when i get out i dont see the white thing


dude that is so sick


Crashed from single early eighteen error.

I had a clean server


Amazing work mate its Great for rp. Only problems i have noticed are

The truck will disappear if you get to far away from it but the bed will still be visible. Change the lodDistances.
Also If the truck de spawns the bed will stay in the same place floating with no truck


this problem can be easily fixed by changing the LOD distances in vehicle.meta :wink:


Looks nice can it be used for FX Servers?


Yes, it can. As for this is a Stand Alone script.


Okay thanks for your help.


No, problem.


Only issue I have is the bed not deleting. And got single early eighteen when I deleted a tow truck and spawned another one and tried to use it.


Really sick! Love how the bed actually moves! I get a crash but still amazing work :slight_smile:


anyone fix this problem? LOD distances in vehicle.meta i mean what numbers to set it too?


Crashes way to often. I have tried 4x now crashes everytime i try to use this. “single-early-eighteen”


Sick bro!
But I saw once or twice that flatbed is lagging while going down. :thinking: