[Release][Fixed][New] ADMIN CAR (not a skin)



Hello today i would like you to share my admin CAR for your gta5 RP Server.

Spawn name: PD5


Install: Drag and Drop and then copie the name in your Server.cfg

Made By FastGamingRP: Director Corentin

More Cars Coming Soon!!!

Need help with the car https://discord.gg/6keCtvN


hey photobox_2009 can you plz put it ina dropbox then mediafire because i got to download the files one by one plz fix it. Love Clark :slight_smile:


oh srry sure il fix it


Yeah i’ll check it out but says I have to upgrade my mediafire account which i don’t have. If you’re able to upload the files to something else I will take a look at it. Thanks.


yes im doing it rigth now


I added it with dropbox


all done now i have fun with the car


Says you need to request access


Okay il take care of it tomorrow because rigth now I’m on my phone.


can you give me permission to view officerbacon445@gmail.com


screenshots would be nice also the download should not require you to sign in or sign up


cant download please make link downloadable


Yes, @Photobox_2009 can you please fix the link.


yes I’m very sorry this is my first time il take car of it at 1pm tomorrow when I get back from school and also the picture I took them I just don’t know how to take them out when pressing F12.


u can hit print screen button go to paint and paste in there or go to your steam and its in the steam library


Everything is all good link and photos


download link still isnt good


then how do i give a link with dropbox


set the file to public and generate a link for it


all should be good now