[Release] [FIXED DOWNLOAD] Youtube Video Loading Screen



Hello everyone!

I am not at all savy with HTML but I put this little Loading Screen Together as I was unable to get any script that was already made to work with FX. I hope you enjoy and any feedback or suggestions would be appreciated!

One more thing I would like to add, I have put the music feature in as Youtube may copyright strike your video and it will result in you being unable to view your loading screen so just get the mp4 and convert to a “.ogg” file here. And upload a muted version to Youtube!

Let’s get to it!


  • Ability to use youtube URL as loading screen
  • Ability to use music (".ogg" files only)


  1. Download the resource manletload.rar (3.3 MB)
  2. Extract the resource to your desktop.
  3. Open up the “index.html” file
  4. Replace the video link with yours.
  5. Ensure to keep this ?autoplay=1&vq=hd720&showinfo=0&controls=0 at the end of your youtube embed link.
  6. Replace the loading.ogg with your own!
  7. Now add the resource to you server.
  8. And add “start dcrp_loading” to your “server.cfg” file.
    YOUR DONE :wink:

Video / Screenshots
Just waiting for people to leave my server so I can restart it with the updated version - screenshots and a video will be posted here soon!



Moved to #development:releases


Okay so this is how you turn it down

<!--Made by J.Manlet-->
<!--Please leave credits-->

#video {
    position: fixed;
    right: 0;
    bottom: 0;
    min-width: 100%; 
    min-height: 100%;
	zoom: 100%;
.vid {
pointer-events: none;
position: absolute;
 <body scroll="no" style="overflow: hidden">
 <!--Edit this and insure you have ?autoplay=1 behind the youtube URL.-->
  <iframe width="1920" height="1080" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/SMNq92v54hc?autoplay=1&vq=hd720&showinfo=0&controls=0" id="video" class="vid" ></iframe>
  <audio id="Loading" autoplay loop >
   <source src="loading.ogg" type="audio/ogg">
     var vid = document.getElementById("Loading");
     vid.volume = 0.1
  <!--This is the zoom of the page - mine video needed to be zommed out slightly but depends on your video (default is %100).-->

<!--Made by J.Manlet-->
<!--Please leave credits-->

I added vid.volume (line 30)controller to the script. Simply change the 0.1 to anything from 0.1-1.0

Copy this over to your index file and paste it in


Thanks - Ill add it to the index.html in a bit trying to fix my server xD - its not looking good


Honeslty this broke our clans server





Well as soon as i placed it in, and i mean as soon as, everyone timed out of the server. Let me make myself clear and say it broke OUR server not saying it breaks all, judging by what the original poster said

I am assuming that it does to his too, as he mentioned hed test the updated version as soon as his server cleared. As i mentioned its our server not saying all servers will die if installed.


I am trying to fix a completely different thing - that version that is currently posted works fine on my server send me any and all errors if there are any.


Okay cool, all i know is it crashed my server, ill dig through the logs and see what i can find


Sorry to ask but do you know what might be causing my vehicles to just stop working and when they are repaired the dont move and even if you noclip it takes you straight back - just trying to work out if this is a common issue


No idea, my guess is always delete cache and what not but i havent the slightest clue

[Release] Stream videos to your loading screen

Do you have any type of anti cheat/admin menu installed?


Yes I would like to use this as the loading screen in my server however when i click on the link it says to contact the owner, i don’t know if you still have it available or not but i would appreciate a copy or if not let me know.


@Ottism Download Fixed


this is working for me. if ur new to this type of stuff make sure u replace the https://www.youtube.com/embed/p8yeeDQs5-s
part from
src=“https://www.youtube.com/embed/p8yeeDQs5-s?autoplay=1&vq=hd720&showinfo=0&controls=0” id=“video” class=“vid” >

and also make sure to get the embed code and not the normal url. confusing at first untill you use logic to fix the problem lmao :slight_smile:


Question my video doesnt seam to play in anything but 360p, is there a reason for this? the playback is set to 1080p in the src text


your internet connection probably.


I have a very good connection, and can play 2k videos just fine… so its defriently not my network connection


this video contains content from sme it is restricted from playback on certain sites


@Surge Usually happens if it has copyrighted music, use a mute video and add sound via a .ogg file