[Release] FiveM-ServerManager



A better FiveM Server Manager

Manage your FiveM server without all the shitty whiptail/dialog boxes.

GitHub Repo

Questions, Improvements or Concerns

Screenshots because someone wanted those
It is an Imgur album because I didn’t want 2/3 of this post to be GIFs (pronounced like GIF)

Note: Screw off if you want help setting this up, further than what the README says

Cheers and complaints below


Pretty neat! Good job man :slight_smile:


Nice Job mate :wink:

Still like Slluxx’s Manager more ^^


any screen shots of this??


got any Screenshots?..


You want screenshots of a console? Pretty interesting.


Well I’ve done that, so… enjoy… I guess…


I like the last one :slight_smile:


There have been a few updates now. The most recent being the fivem:license command to set your license key.


Full Release - v1