[Release] FiveM Player List Parser for Java


Player List Parser for Java

Parses the players.json response from fivem into java

Example Work :
External Admin Menu

Simple setup :
1.) Download dependencies (In Github)
2.) Import classes into project
3.) Add dependencies
4.) Fill out config
5.) Use methods listed in github to access data!

Download Here


omg, this is so cool


nice +1


Moved to #development:releases


Thanks, I couldn’t post here so I posted it there


fixed the loop so it loads all 32 players not just 31


nice release


add endpoints to the parser


will do 1 minute most servers have endpoints disabled or defaulted to but sure


Added endpoints




Smitteh, Stop using 2 account to tell your self to do something


Is this an Admin Menu/Script?


You could make it one


Ok, Thank you for the info oh ik what you mean