i made this resource a while ago, basically adds some nice flight instruments while in a plane :slight_smile:

FiveM-FlightInstruments.rar (97.7 KB)



This is as potatoe of a release as those ESX guys…

herrr derrrrr is this compatible with esx or vrp?!


Why even spend time releasing this ?


In the __resource.lua file for the client script you missed the t in flight so you have client_script 'flighinstruments_cl.lua' instead of client_script 'flightinstruments_cl.lua'


Care to explain? What the hell got in your head


Thanks for the release. Will use this!

Why not? Small recources make FiveM great.


Cool thing, heres a picture if you wanted to post one, might be a good idea to show that is pritty cool thing


wew,i made this in five minutes at midnight lol, didn’t notice, fixing it in a second!

edit: fixed it


thanks! i’ll be sure to put it in the original post! :slight_smile:


Just the typical toxic nature of this community.


guys lol, @hallux is a friend of mine, he was joking :joy:


haha they took it so far.


As a real life pilot of a commercial jetliner, I must say that these are truly fascinating. These instruments are so similar to that of my real aircraft that I am fully immersed in the flight while I am in game. I feel like I am flying my own Airbus A699 when looking at these instruments. They are precise and give all of the absolutely necessary information any pilot would desperately need while operating an aircraft.

This is a definite 7/5, and I would download every time.


woah thanks for the amazing feedback, i really appreciate it! :slight_smile:


Nice upload Will try it out <3


wtf why would you release this? Anyone who releases anything is bad!

Nice release


will use, thanks man :slight_smile:


Nice release! :slight_smile: