[Release] FiveM Chat - Open Source C#



FiveM Chat written in C#

Github: https://github.com/yuvalino/main-chat

The goal of this repository is to show some basics of C# development in the FiveM framework. I’ve had hard time finding some documentation on a few subjects when it comes to C# and I thought this project covers some important basics.

This project is supposed to be out-of-the-box. Meaning it will support messages with the default HTML/JS interface and the default chatMessage event handler arguments.

This repository implements two important NUI functions - SendNUIMessage and RegisterNUICallback. RegisterNUICallback is a tricky function to implement as it uses ExpandoObject (unlike the lua function that uses dynamics).

Note: The repo is not documented much, and doesn’t support template and suggestion handling. These aren’t hard to implement, but I haven’t found the time to do that. If anyone wishes to add pull requests, I’ll be glad.


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