[RELEASE] First Person Only (Server Sided Addon)



Today I am happy to announce I am releasing one of my resources I have made and use on my servers that addon is:


The add on is pretty self explanatory what it is is a small script I have put together with a little help and I packed it all into its own resource this allows anyone who joins your server to be forced into first person only. The only time they are allowed out of first person though is when they get into a vehicle. I personally know how to disable that but I don’t do that on my server and wasn’t in the mood to change the script yet. I hope you enjoy!

TLG-FPO.rar (786 Bytes)

Alternate Link:

This script also comes with a “BlackOut” option default is set to false but when true it acts as an EMP and disables all vehicle, building and street lights basically everything electronic.

Not sure how to install? The folder comes with a README.txt which will show you the very easy installation process.

1st person view movement style

Nice release but quick question:

How are you handling players who use a female skin (while the option in the players settings to use ADS is enabled) and the weapon sights do not line up correctly because the player model/eye level/height in ADS is not lined up properly in first person? Appears the height level is not applied correctly. Assuming it’s a FiveM issue.

This is one reason why I strayed from forcing First person on our server, as well as the shadow of the players head not showing up while in First person.

Male ADS:

Female ADS:


Hmm interesting I have not noticed that issue before. I just tested to see what you are talking about though and I do indeed have the same issue I will see what I can do whether it is to fix the view of the PED itself or fix the angle of the weapon not sure though. So far I have left it alone on my sever 1 because I did not even notice the issue and 2 haven’t had any complaints but I can definitely see how that can be a problem. @Decon


Yeah no problem. I prefer first person, and ADS, however, because of this issue I don’t use it on FiveM. A while back I was thinking of a fix for this and there is a native for getting the players height. I assumed since you can also do a check to see if the player’s model is a male or a female, all you would have to do is get the height of the male player and apply that same height to the female, if the model is female, but I don’t know if this would apply to the first person view. I never got around to testing my theory. I’m sure there are multiple ways to fix this. Anyways, just thought you wanted to be aware of this.

If you do solve it, I’d love to use this on our server. However, this issue with the sights not lining up doesn’t break your release. I feel the underlying issue stems from the player allowed to use models that were not meant to be used by the player… as the players models I believe were only meant to be the base models (mp_f_freemode_01 / mp_m_freemode_01) and these models were edited to look exactly how we built our character. Again, great job on this release.


Well I appreciate you letting me know this like I said I was not aware of this until you told me. I will try my best to look into a fix for this as well look into your interesting theory I may have to give that a go and see what happens!:+1: @Decon


I noticed some players were having an issue with the download I updated it with adding an alternative link!:grinning:


How do i force first person for vehicles?, and is there a way to change the fov? so its wider,


I’d like this the other way around. Forced FirstPerson in vehicles. PogChamp


@gooz_more and @mickeygeecom
If you look at the script you see the line:

Change this to SetFollowVehicleCamViewMode(4) or just add it under for both on foot andin vehicles.