[RELEASE] FireFighter Onduty


No more looking, Its here ! Its now ! Its great !

The official FireFighter Onduty Script!

Function :
This script is made for servers that use firefighters, I myself was always struggeling with getting the stuff ready when you need to hurry, so i was laying in my bed thinking : “What shall i make to make it easyer”
Offcourse a script!
Im not gonna keep it just for me so everyone can use it

Use :
Its very easy to use, Just type “/onduty” and the script will say in chat “FireFighter [Name] IS NOW ONDUTY!”
and it will give you a FireExtinguisher, a hatchet and a flashlight !
Oh and it gives you the ped now !
Further commands are shown below!

Updates :
I will update this

Credits :
Thanks @Woopi for helping with fixing the server.lua code.

Change Loggs :
v1.0 > Upload
v2.0 > Changed Text
Added so that your model changes
v3.0 > HotFix Made Message ServerSide
HotFix Fixed Messed up code
v4.0 Huge Update containing :
Fixed - Message not showing up
New - /offduty to remove weapons and ped + extra chat message
v5.0 Added > /spawn command for spawning vehicles.
credits to @4David10 for the idea!
Added > some text in the code to help with people that want to edit stuff for own use
v5.1 Fixed > Vehicle spawning meters away from you
v6.0 Added > You now spawn inside the vehicle so you can drive off emidiatally. credits for this goto @Woopi
v7.0 ReWrote the script completely and made it server side now.

Known Issues :
None :smiley:

Wishes :
I hope everyone is gonna enjoy using it ! Goodluck !

Older versions

Version 1.0 : Onduty

Version 2.0 : Onduty

Version 3.0 : Onduty

Version 4.0 : Onduty/Offduty

Version 5.0 : Onduty/Offduty/Spawn

Version 5.1 : Onduty/Offduty/Spawn Fix

Version 6.0 : Download here

Version 7.0 : Last Version

Please report any buggs down below,

~~ Luke

[Release] /onduty 🚓
[First Script] Police On-Duty / EMS OnDuty / Fire On Duty
[HELP] Print the players name in chat

Great Script, will use on my server :grinning:


Amazing script my friend, definitely going to use this in my server!


Alright no buggs so far.

I need new ideas/suggestions guys,
Please send down below


Add EMS and have it spawn a (changeable by admin) predefined vehicle (depending on if it is a firetruck for ff or an ambulance for emts).


I will have a look at that, thanks for the fast response !


I will not update this anymore because im busy making a custom server.
If you notice buggs please report it down below.
Goodluck to all people using it, I hope you enjoy


Police version of this script:



Last version is official. Chat message is now server side !