[Release] Fire Script by Albo1125


FireScript by Albo1125

FireScript is a resource for FiveM by Albo1125 that allows players to simulate extinguishable fires and smoke… Screenshots available here.

Installation & Usage

  1. Download the latest release.
  2. Unzip the FireScript folder into your resources folder on your FiveM server.
  3. Add the following to your server.cfg file:
start FireScript


A list of all the commands can be found here


Source Code & Improvements

The source code is available on GitHub under a GPL-3.0 licence. Improvements and new feature additions are very welcome, please feel free to open an issue, or better yet, create a pull request. Please ask for permission if you wish to release a modified version of my work. Proper credit is always required and you should always link back to this original source. Furthermore, it is almost always more beneficial to contribute by creating a PR on my original repository.



Fixed issue where fires immediately went out if extinguishing one flame (for some reason API class seems to be returning incorrect values for some fire natives)


  • Fixed an issue where the /startsmoke command wasn’t working (should resolve issue #2 )
  • Replaced all C# native calls with API methods


Initial public release.


[Request] Fire Script

Did you make this?

Nice script tho im going to test this out i uses a old fire script but i think it is the time to change so thanks for the upload


you have 35,000 subs on youtube Look like a cool script


@Ege_Erdinc Here you go


Lovely release!

Be great if there could be some exports or usable events so other scripts can start fires rather than just being at a players location.


It is Albo, of course he made it. Why even ask that anyway?

Great release, Albo. Looks great!

Looks as if you’ve uploaded the wrong source code :open_mouth:


Cuz i have seen similar script before that are 60% the same almost but im not going to talk more about this

Ohh shit yeah he did

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Thanks Albo I have been waiting so long for this script

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Thanks, fixed that :slight_smile:


ohhh. Whats this Mr. Albo :thinking:

Looks hot though!

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Your puns are on fire today :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :joy:


awesome i would like to try it out but i don’t have a firefigther job on my rp server :frowning:

Does anyone have a esx_firejob maybe ?


same with you :smiley:

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Decent release, looking forwards to messing about with it.

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I remember a lot of your work from the LCPDFR days, glad to see another quality release :slight_smile:

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Wonderfull! Thank you albo <3

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is this different to the other FireScript at all? Do i need to update it?


Its totally different. If you mean this one:


Very nice sir! Very nice.

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wow i will have a LOT of good roleplay with this thank you

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