[Release] Fire Pack Non Els


Hello today im releasing a fire Department Pack i put together it has replaces and addons



To Come Soon


video of cars in pack https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBCcMAlXptU&feature=youtu.be

Fire vehicles
EMS Vehicles

Cool! Been looking for a non-els pack forever! What are the model names it replaces and adds on?


ill edit post with the names


You should make an els version :wink:


i would if els was in my server


We Dont Use ELS. If We Did We Would


Good work. Cant wait to use!


They Are Nice :grinning:


If you guys want i can release ELS FD cars


The fire1, fire2, and fire3 vehicles have red and blue environmental reflections. And the reflections are only in front of the vehicles for a few blocks, no reflections at the side or rear of vehicle


didn’t make the lighting on the cars just put them in my pack you would need to go to te original creator about the lighting issuse


Hmm, the engine doesn’t seem to work properly for me, only half of the lights work and weird things are happening with the lightbar


it works for me and others could be a server issue


Looks Nice. ( 20 fkn char)


Is it me, or is the plates on the cvpi “fire2” messed up?


it is but i did not make the models i just used someones pack that i had premission to use


Just saw that and now I’m laughing.


When is the pierce going to be available?


when someone helps me get the lights working i hope to have it ready soon


:frowning: someone help this guy, lol.

(Help) Fire Department