[Release] Fire/EMS Pager + Fire Siren Resource

Inferno Collection: Fire/EMS Pager + Fire Siren

Public Beta Version 4.4

The Fire/EMS Pager + Fire Siren is a resource that allows players to have a pager on their person at all times. The pager is off by default, and must be tuned to tones in order to be paged. Once a tone or tones are paged, all pagers that are turned on will receive the tone/s, if a tone is paged that a player is tuned to, they will hear a vibration sound and a notification will pop-up on their screen informing them of the call type; if a player is not tuned to a paged tone, they will hear the tone sound, but not hear a vibration or receive a notification.

The fire siren allows a siren to be sounded at any of the fire stations around the map (custom stations for the fire siren, as well as custom tones for the pager can also be added to the resource). Once sounded, a siren can be heard within a predefined radius (approximately two city blocks by default), and the further from the origin of the siren a player is, the quieter it will sound for them.

In the case of the pager, multiple tones can be tuned to, and paged at once; for the fire siren, multiple stations can be sounded at once as well. Once tones are being paged, or a siren sounded, they must finish completely before more tones are paged or sirens sounded, as tones cannot be paged over other tones, and sirens cannot be sounded over other sirens (note however, sirens can be sounded at the same time as tones paged, and vice versa).

The Fire/EMS Pager + Fire Siren resource is not only designed to be as efficient and lightweight as possible, but also to be customizable, and allow server owners to have as much control as possible over the resource, without the need to edit any code (with the exception of the configuration).

Presently, the following can be customized:

  • Tones
  • Stations
  • Radius fire siren can be heard in
  • Department name in messages
  • Default /page message
  • Wait time between tones played
  • Whether to display chat suggestions
  • Which players can use which command (Steam ID whitelist)

Resource Showcase Video

Installation Video

Download Link


Click here to see pictures


Here’s a cute cat becuase you took the time to look at the picutres :sunglasses:

Check out the Wiki for an installation guide, as well as to find out how to use the resource.

If you have any troubles, suggestions, feedback, etc, please check the Wiki and/or create a new issue on GitHub.

Thank you to my Alpha Testers for testing this resource:

  • MJGaming
  • T.Wolfe
  • Josh55
  • Columbia Engine 22-2
  • LurkingSpirit
  • Josh55
  • <<NL>>wolfblood144
  • J. Hughesman

The Inferno Collection Team

Team Members

Reserved for updates

Public Beta Version 4.4


Public Beta Version 4.38

  • Sperate configuration at the top of the resource to alleviate confusion
  • Wiki page on how to sound the fire siren from an external resource


  • The wiki, with the new configuration in-mind


  • A few typos in the resource
  • Broken links on the wiki (sorry!)


  • Some unneeded natives to improve resource speed

Public Beta Version 4.37

  • The wiki page on whitelisting


  • Wording on whitelist to remove confusion around steam hex ids.


  • A bug where the volume for the fire siren was being set before the sound was being played, resulting in a non-critical error.

Public Beta Version 4.35

  • Option to enable/disable chat suggestions
  • Per command whitelist, via whitelist.json file


  • Commented rest of files properly
  • Rewrote notification system

Thank you for releasing this! I’ve been following this project and have been waiting for the release. Seriously excellent work!


Loving the cat.

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Some nice stuff you have here!

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First of all, Damn good work, this works exactly as described on first test. Is there any way to make it so that we can do /page ??

That would be super helpful so they know where to respond to after getting apparatus.

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Custom sounds arent working. I even replaced the preset ones and they arent changing. I followed the tutorial it still plays the default pager.

Thanks for the kinds words firstly; as for adding a location, that’s not very realistic, so I most likely won’t add it to the main resource, that being said, drop me a message and I’ll happily do my best to customize your copy of the resource so it does this for you :smiley:

Did you have the server turned off at the time, and have you tried clearing the server cache before starting it again?

So ive been thinking about this system for like the past 2 hours and i think you could add some awesome things to it. Im gonna send you a DM and chat with you about it more as if you like the stuff i say i dont wanna giveaway the cool things that could be added.

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Now live on GitHub

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I did

That is strange, could you create a new issue on GitHub for me and I’ll try to help you fix it :slight_smile:

love the script!! it is an amazing piece of work you have done! I do have one question. It seems that i can only page it once. do i have to wait a certain amount of time before using it again? i wait for the tones to finish and give it another 2 minutes and still will say paging in process.

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I have put my Steam ID in and everytime i type /pager fire it tells me i am not whitelisted to perform this action… What am i doing wrong?

Thanks :slight_smile:

As for the issue you are having, I am afraid I cannot replicate it :confused: Have you modified the code by chance? Either way, if you create a new issue on GitHub I’ll be happy to try and help you further :smiley:

Sorry Michael, this is my fault. I am use to calling the steam hex id ‘steam id’ for short, and it did not occur to me others would not know what I am talking about. I will update both the resource, and the Whitelisting wiki page ASAP with the correct information :+1:

Now available on GitHub

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nice man! this alternative for limiting job :smiley: can put all job member steam id’s, and can use. Really nice job!

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Thank you very much, ill give it another shot!

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