[Release] [Example] Vehicle Handling Editor




Note that this resource is an Example and was not designed to be used as a handling editor for your server.
It is also absolutely unfinished and possibly unstable.


Apparently some of the handing properties require research to how/if they work, from my testing, things like Centre of Mass offsets, Mass and maybe some other values don’t properly work, so beware of that


I added a few functions to make setting and getting handling data easier for me, you can of course disregard that, but i recommend looking at GetAllVehicleHandlingData

Everything Code related you want to read up on is in base.lua, commented too, but here is the short version:

sets the vehicle handling property, useful for setting single values

this returns the data that, although not necesarilly needed, useful if you just want to get the value of one single property

this returns all handling properties and their values in a table, the table will have following contents:
"name" = the name of the property
"value" = a number, string or vector3
"type" = the type: int, float or vector3

gui.lua has a working example ( using WarMenu ) on how to use the code that is documented above, commented too.

Download: Here

Example Video:

[HELP] Is there a way to edit handling.meta by ingame menu?

Time to mess around with this just like every other one of your resources :smiley: Good job as always


Oh nice… I was just starting to mess around with handling, too


Very nice! Sorry for being dumb.
This can be used to test handling settings then record them from the menu and input them into our handling file?


for example, yes.
it’s mainly used for people that want to get into making a handling editor, this script shows how they are used, if you add WarMenu into the script, you can use it to change vehicle handlings tho, yes.


How this install? And what key activation this script?


how do install this?


Oh mighty god, please give us a sign on how to install <3 No resource.lua and not a client script. Please god lead us in the right direction.


this is not a resource, only an example, the GUI example can be used by adding the “warmenu.lua” from the WarMenu resource into the same folder and creating a __resource.lua file in which “warmenu.lua”, “base.lua” and “gui.lua” are defined as client scripts ( in that order. )




If you are interested i can teach you how the handling files work.


could someone turn this into its own resource would be a very useful tool


I’m working on my own resource here


thanks ill check it out


How can I install this ?