[RELEASE] EUP Serve and Rescue + Law&Order 7.5 (Server Side) Update 1.2 Now With ESX Permissions!



here’s a question my server has the element club key how would i add custom uniforms into the server and get them working


I got the problem where nothing happens when I type in /eup aswell


Did you put the eup-ui in your server ?


Yes. When I replaced the ESX one with the previous it worked. I wonder why ESX would not work


Because with the esx version you must set your job as police, fire or ambulance


Got a question since I have custom uniforms server side for eup I want to configure the eup-ai do I base the numbers off the f4 trainer for each uniform like since we don’t have a lspd anymore we went to patrolling all of Blaine county we have paleto bay police department do I just look for each number for each uniform part and put those numbers into the eup-ai


I was Police and it still didnt do anything


No there is alot more involved then just that.


What all do I gotta do


ever since we got our patron key and added the server side eup our textures are messing up on our server where buildings roads and other stuff aren’t loading and disappering


What one any or a specific number


down load invalid or broken



Its working


I can get to that point but once download is done thats the problem i have tried it from another computer same issue with google chrome or firefox


Dont know what to tell you. Its fully downloading for me.


hello, how to remove eup outfits in clothing stores please? and
do you have a list with the names of the outfits found in eup-stream please? to be able to remove unused outfits


I got it restarted pc must have been some cookies or something thanks


I’m also wondering about this if you can remove them from the clothing store, and how do you add more to it like from LSPDFR


Can you do add on uniforms for eup server side if so how would I create the configs and add the uniforms into the stream folder


What do you mean “Can you add uniforms for eup server side” Thats what this is…