[RELEASE] EUP Serve and Rescue + Law&Order 7.5 (Server Side) Update 1.2 Now With ESX Permissions!



Server Side EUP Serve and Rescue + Law&Order 7.5

Hello FiveM community! I have seen tons of people so happy about having eup server side but tons of people asking about serve and rescue. So today I bring you just that. EUP Serve and Rescue + Law&Order 7.5.


NativeUI -Make sure you have the latest version of NativeUI


EUP Serve and Rescue + Law&Order 7.5

How to install:

-Place the files given in your resource folder.
-Open your server.cfg file and put this in order

start NativeUI

start eup-stream
start eup-ui

-Save the changes and restart the server.
-When in game type /eup in chat for the eup menu to appear.


-Added ESX permissions for police, fire, and ambulance job.

ESX Permissions
Replace just the eup-ui files with the one listing above.

#Future Updates#

-Make full permissions for both esx and vrp.
-Change menu layout

Heres Some Screenshots


You must be a patron of the $15 tier or higher in order to obtain these perks, otherwise, this will not work.

[Release] Non ESX/vRP PD Uniform Clock On Duty Menu

Do I need fivem club?


Yes only way is if you are FiveM club member.


Hey would you be able to do a custom pack just using LSSD, FIRE, and SAHP ?


And removing the rest?


i like EUP for FD is here in this pack?


Yes everything from Serve and rescue is in here.


A few issues I found
When you put on the “Female LSFD Turnout Gear” it puts on a police hat and a weird mask

When you put on the “Male LSCoFD EMT Uniform” you don’t have any pants / legs
Same for the “Male BCFD EMT Uniform”

When you put on the “Female Merryweather Security” you have a red christmas top on


All working on this end.

1- clear server cache and restart server.
2- reupload the files. They may have gotten corrupted when you uploaded.


Ok ps can u send me your discord


for me tooo


I double checked by redownloading it twice and still happened


is working ya ?


Nope still not working form e


Okay ill look into those ones


PS add me on discord please Jacob#3538


Update has been pushed out for the issue with a couple of the peds. Only one still messed up is “Female Merryweather Security”. I will fix that one at a latter time since its giving some issue that will take a little more time to fix.


what is the cheapest FiveM club and where do find?




Added some screenshots to give you guys an example if you havnt seen the server and rescue.