[Release] EUP for FiveM (SERVER SIDED)


To stream the clothing. That feature is currently only available to subscription members.


Yes it’s pretty cool


Have you tried clearing server side cache? That worked (partially) for me - some players can see the EUP uniforms now


i install this on my server and i tried to install other uniforms and you put the new uniforms in the server and you go in the server and you don’t get the uniforms you get the other ones. Can anyone tell me how to install the uniforms


same please


Can we use this script without buying subscription for localhost? I just want to try it.


No , you have to buy a patron subscription


Hi There i have donated on patreon and installed evreything for EUP to work but it wont the menu works but the outfits dont and the colors for the server title even work can someone help me


I bought the pateon but menu dont seem to be working can I get some support Please


Will the EUP 8.0 be added?


Am i the only one with this problem?

I installed a custom uniform for sahp butttttt the uniform is half in lspd and the other half in lssd and so on so forth, my point is is not in the sahp, any help?


Any idea when you will have an EUP Law and Order 8.0 stream folder?


Will this feature come to free use?
To stream clothes withouth the 15 USD / moth?


Some time down the line yes but for the time being no.


Thnaks. Will planning to support the community, 'cause its fantastic.
Just asking :slight_smile:


Hey i was messing around in my server trying to get EUP to work. I got the clothing to work but the menu doesnt want to open anymore? Not sure if its to do with my eup-ui but some help would be appreciated. Thanks