[Release] EUP for FiveM (SERVER SIDED)


How do you remove categories in EUP I dont need like half those uniforms. I tried deleting the ones I dont need out of eup-ui and restarted my server but they still show up on my list


Have you deleted your cache?


Is there a limit to how much clothes you can stream server sided? I am hitting 650 mb, just wondering if it can cause crashes adding too much to EUP serverside? Anyone know?


Is there a fix for the clothes loading in incorrectly after a certain distance? I think police vests are really bad at this.


I have the menu loaded in game but none of the clothes load on my character. It is all random clothing items in game. Anyone know how to fix this?


Do you have the eup-stream ?


yea i do, there isnt anything in the resource file so idk if that has anything to do with it


would you be able to talk to me on discord and help me out?


What is EUP?


how do I buy it


You need to pledge the $15 tier or higher on the Patreon page.


Do you need Client side for Server Side to work on a hosted server? Thnx


no you just need the server side


is there a way to add this to withlist so only the people who need it can use it ?


When will the backpack glitch be fixed? Like my torso goes flying everywhere


just pledged, how long until i get element club?


~6 hours after pledging.


its been like 12 hours, and my email for patreon is the same as fivem. I did get my roles in discord tho.


You have all required policies to use this resource. Enjoy!


Thank You!