[Release] EUP for FiveM (SERVER SIDED)


No issues so far, works great!


Hey Guys, maybe someone can help me or explaine something.
ich have the Element Club Argentum since a few minutes.
I installed eup @ my server… but how can I connect Patreon with my server ? I cant found a readme or somethin else… so I pay 15 $ and got no help with final installation…
someone can help me pls ? :slight_smile:


i had this same issue, you have to link your patreon to your FiveM forums account, then it will give you a product license thing to put in your server settings


so this is what im getting in my fivem server if anyone can tell me how to fix this issue would be great
and it says i have the FiveM Element Club Argentum i bought the $15 patron so if anyone knows my issues please let me know


ever since we got our patron key and added the server side eup our textures are messing up on our server where buildings roads and other stuff aren’t loading and disappering


Keeps saying couldnt load resource eup-streamer or the native one


How do you find the clothes names ?
I’m trying to find all the biker jacket…


got a question what menu would help me the best to find the props and components id’s so i can setup my custom uniforms to just go right on when they spawn the uniform through the eup menu


hey got a question how did you find out how to change the uniforms props and components


do i need FiveM Element Club Argentum $15 for EUP?


Yes that is required




anyone know what the paramedic Decl is ? :smiley:


what could it be if i do have the membership but still the menu wont pop up?


Make sure you have nativeUI. Native ui is the menu base eup is built off of. Eup should still work without NativeUI you will just have to use a menu with Mp_freemode player creation. vMenu’s newest update is amazing and i really recommend it.


how do u change NativeUI key binding??
its on E i dont want it there


Same issue.


i have a key but it is not working


how did u change it


My co-owner bought EUP, where does he find the key?