[Release] EUP for FiveM (SERVER SIDED)


Then add it the clothes ID in the police menu, that’s what i did


I Did that but i want the Whole eup menu in


There is not a current ETA. Keep tabs here on the forums and Discord for announcements.


How do we move the menu to the left side of the screen?


this is done in your client.lua file. look for the “draw” command, it will take some playing around with on your part with the x, y, and z to get it exactly like you want it.


do this eup use the menu and have the correct skins for leo and fire and rescue


Hey im getting the same issue with fivem and eup it looks like this in game 52d6f28a2ec4785fe3f619f99435d206c1f13076_1_690x351


how did you guys fix this erorr?


Are you a patron of the $15 tier or higher?


no but why do i have to pay to use it


Because it is currently in testing, eventually it will be able to be used by the public. The elements want to ensure it is 100% stable and bug-free before releasing to the public.


how do i link my patreon so they can know i already paid for the subscription because mines not workin


You have the forum perks, so, every key made on your account will have ECA perks.


subscription to use wtf and need eup menu mmmm


I agree WTF i wonder if theres a way around it if they got it ti work server side then i guess we could do it and plus theres aa wya to get client side so maybe server side?


Clothing Streaming is disabled for your server key unless you pay for Element Club Argentum. :wink:


So would i need element club for FIVEM


Is there medical streaming options for this?


Yes I have one on my release


most of them are broken. No point installing