[Release] EUP for FiveM (SERVER SIDED)


to restrict this, replace , false with , true in the RegisterCommand in eup_ui.lua and give command.eup add_ace

How we do that?

RegisterCommand(‘eup’, function()
mainMenu:Visible(not mainMenu:Visible())
end, true)


you need a custome key u can contact me at aquaify221#1443 on discord for help


How can I add my own EUP textures to this? Example to replace the default BCSO EUP Ped Texture


So i have EUP working for a server im a part of and all but i want to make a S&R section for EUP-UI and none of the outfit parts are labeled anyone have any ideas or know the format / have a template i could use?


is there any progress on this being fully developed we would love it for our server but the uniform seems to glitch when standing alittle apart from another player


This works great thanks, what’s the best way to go about replacing the files with other EUP packs without messing up your other outfits?

The base is Law&Order I believe, but I’m trying to also have the Serve and Rescue pack, is there a way to add on items rather than replace?


Seems legit


A youtube version would be much appreciated!





is it free yet?!


nope! not yet. @chipsahoy





am I missing something? I thought this was to change your clothing this makes you default character with custom clothing? Isn’t it supposed to just change the clothing on your ped you created or does it change your ped and you select different clothing?


will this ever be possible without donating… ?




any eta ? cuz as far as i know its in testing for a long time now :smiley:


I Am trying to add EUP to esx_policejob but when i press EUP Menu nothing happens could anyone help me on discord or something?
Discord: Erkan#0031


you dont need the eup menu to use the clothes, just use the id clothes from the esx_skin and make yourself a outfit


I Know but i want it in the police menu