[Release] EUP for FiveM (SERVER SIDED)


when you wear vest . and if you far away from other players. there is a problem.


Anyone able to put the EUP into the ambulance menu?


So when will this be opened to public?


No ETA. When it’s ready.


EUP Fire DPT Maybe


Google “EUP Serve & Rescue” lol.


yea for fivem ? NO


Okay theres no need to be a child about it when I was trying to be helpful lol. It works with FiveM I have it in my server.


How. Why don’t people just release it.


It has been released you just need to do a little work and use your brain.


Too much work. It’s not like we pay 15+ and we have to do everything.


Sucks to be lazy.


Sucks to pay and work


How does one figure out what number the clothing component’s have? Is there a trainer or something that can help with that?

EDIT: I found out that vMenu is very good for it. It gives you the clothing component number! :slight_smile:


Okay first things first: You need to cool it with your immature and disrespectful attitude. Your behavior between this thread and the one you created in the resource discussion sub-forum has been, at best, rude and discourteous.

Secondly, lets be clear that you are NOT paying for EUP. What you ARE paying for is a contribution to the FiveM development team that works tirelessly to make the possibility of modded online game play a reality. You do not pay a dime for the server files that makes it possible to host your own server nor do you pay a dime to come on here to bitch and moan and be a pompous ass.

That being said, your contribution to the FiveM team unlocks a few perks, with one of them giving access to beta testing features, SUCH AS the ability to stream MP Ped files which allows server-sided EUP to be possible.

Finally, the FiveM development team did not release this particular set of files. Fendretti and NJD both took the time to compile the list of EUP files, create the config files for the menu and then release it to the public as a courtesy to the community.

If you want the “Serve and Rescue” EUP so bad go download it from the LCPDFR website and install it into your own EUP configuration. It is not a difficult thing to accomplish by any stretch of the imagination. Time consuming yes, but difficult? No.

I have the files for serve and rescue EUP but because of your attitude and demeanor I would never in the world consider sharing it with you. Maybe had you not been so rude others or even myself would have considered sharing it.


lol, You wasted your time bud :kissing_heart:


Lol your the one without it photobox, dont run a server if you are lazy and cant spend 10 minutes installing simple things. it works for FIVEM. :rofl::rofl::face_with_monocle::man_facepalming:


oof got heated in here


I’m trying to figure out how to add in the Search and Rescue EUP to the server side. However, I am a bit stupid, So I was wondering if there is anyone in here who could give me some pointers as to what I should be doing?



Do we still have to have elementary club for this to work?