[Release] ESX walkie-talkie as item police and ems for tokovoip


There is a simple script for police and ems jobs.

if you are using tokovoip ts3 voice chat, try this walkie talkies!!!

  • M key for turn on/off walkie talkie
  • Police channel is 1
  • EMS channel is 2
  • Walkie talkie images in the hud folder

if you dont have walkie talkie item you cannot reach police radio/ems radio
if you have both walkie talkies you can hear at the same time but you can switch channels (in the tokovoip_script settings)


  • Import en_walkietalkie.sql in your database
  • Copy walkie_lspd.png and walkie_ems.png to your inventory hud images if you use visual inventory script
  • Add this to your server.cfg :
start esx_croone_walkietalkie

Github Repo : https://github.com/lakilea/esx_croone_walkietalkie
Download : https://github.com/lakilea/esx_croone_walkietalkie/archive/master.zip


Polis telsizini inventorynizde görmek için bu scripti kullanabilirsiniz.
M tuşu ile açıp kapatabilirsiniz.
inventoryde yoksa telsiz açıp kapanmaz


this you have video ?

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could you make it work without tokovoip?



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Any images/video ??

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i use esx_radio but when i press to use radio i can hear everyone in server that was talking at that time

how to switch channel?
Edit: Shift + z

What is the key control to talk in the radio ?

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Thank you for sharing this scripts <3

Default is CAPSLOCK you can change in tokovoip_script

isnt this literally the same as [ESX] ls-radio | Radio for everyone with TokoVOIP

It actually isn’t same. the ls-radio is purely for CIV or Anyone.
This walkie-talkie here is for EMS and Police Only.

Idk why i’m repeating myself there’s already a description.

Hi, i have an issue with it. Nothing show’s up when i press CAPSLOCK’s key and i have no errors. Also i dont really understand how to set up my teamspeak, if you can show me a screen of yours I would appreciated.

Thx a lot for your help and your work.

When I turn off the radio, the other players stop listening to me. In Teamspeak I can not talk after the disconect of FiveM in other Chanels!

Can you put a video explain

Dude is is the same ls-radio first 10 channel are reserved for police/ems.

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any option about everyone can use it? add more jobs?

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looking for a radio like this but for ingame only no Tokvoip? anyone make it standalone non dependent on TokVoip

That’s made for tokovoip, unless you have another voice system to use it’s not possible to lay it on “in-game voice” because the GTA voice chat is coconut.