[RELEASE] [ESX & vRP] Car Engine Killer Item - Disable your enemies engine! UPDATE 30/08/2019

Hey all, Me again!

:warning: - Dont hurt me this is my first ESX script - :warning:

So I had a daft idea and welp here it is, I used esx_repairkit as a base to work with so thank you for making that neat little script! :smiley:

Thanks to @Mita_Ro we now have a vRP version check below for the download! Thanks for your hard work! :smiley:

This script is exactly as named, A engine killer item! Use it against your enemies cars to destroy there engine! How you impliment it into your server is up to you, either add it to a shop or job specific menu.


  • Adds an inventory item EngineKiller :fire:
  • When you use against a vehicle there is a timer on how long it takes to get the bonnet open.
  • When you open the bonnet the cars alarm will go off! :rotating_light:
  • Once complete the cars engine will smoke.
  • DONE your enemies car is now disabled. :red_car:


  • esx_enginekiller\client\main.lua Line 55
    – Uncomment this line if you use InteractSounds (Sound available below)
  • esx_enginekiller\client\main.lua Line 59
    – Comment this line out if you dont want the cars alarm to NOT trigger.
  • esx_enginekiller\client\main.lua Line 69
    –Adjust the value here to your needs
  • esx_enginekiller\client\main.lua Line 76
    – Uncomment this line if you want the car to be completly undrivable!
  • If using esx_inventoryhud do the following.
    – esx_inventoryhud\config.lua Line 10 and add enginekiller

esx_enginekiller.rar (3.4 KB)
break-in.rar (141.9 KB) < Sound for Interact Sounds

Mita_ro Github vRP

This script was not fully tested, If there are any issues, Let me know and ill fix them sharpish!


its lookin good
also for first one is good

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Probably wanna edit this, i don’t think the extension .lu exists. :)))


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Whooops me and my typos, Thank you :slight_smile:

Cool concept I guess. Could create some cool RP. I’d personally rather just kick their car til it breaks but hey that’s just me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Takes quite long lol

All can be edited in the config.lua :smiley:

Thanks :smiley: Ive had quite a few ideas, This one was my first attempt… Thought about making a Turbo Tuning item, But we shall see :wink:

Hmm theres a problem here [Release] esx_engine this guy posted the same thing roughly almost a week ago but a full one and been tested.

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I feel like I was robbed :joy: :frowning: jk

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Will be a similar concept but i assure you our code isnt the same :slight_smile: We both just have great ideas xD

yeah, np problem bro, nice work :wink:

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Nice release, can i post a vrp version of this ?

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Please do! Ill add it to the description with you as the creditor :smiley: :smiley:

thank you :smiley:

vRP version now added thanks to @Mita_Ro

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someone video ref?

thanks for sharing.

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we need video realy its so hard to work on it in vrp

Being able to cut peoples brakes is another good idea hahahaha :wink:

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For french people !

Locales ['en'] = {
	['used_killer']					= 'Vous avez utilisé un ~b~Outil de sabotage moteur',
	['must_be_outside']				= 'Vous devez être en dehors du véhicule',
	['no_vehicle_nearby']			= 'Aucun ~r~véhicule à ~w~distance',
	['finished_killing']			= '~g~Sabotage réussi !',
	['abort_hint']					= 'Appuyez sur ~INPUT_VEH_DUCK~ pour annuler',
	['aborted_killer']				= 'Vous avez ~r~annulé ~w~le sabotage moteur',
	['Prying_open_bonnet']			= 'Vous êtes en train d\'ouvrir le capot'
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