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Are you retarded. Yes it does. Simply stating it doesn’t work without giving out any error is insane. I have been using it & lots of others have been using it without a single problem.


i mean if i go into the point and i press e to get in it teleports me and then im stuck and cant choose a plane or helicopter to buy


Did you import the DB?


whats that
im sorry im new in this forum and ye im a bit dumb


Did you get it sorted or do you still need help?


i still need help i dont get it


When you downloaded the resource, a file ending in .sql was included in the folder. That file has all the sql statements that need to be entered into your server’s MySQL database.

While that probably sounds very confusing, it’s not very hard. You just need to use PHPMyAdmin(included in ZAP hosting) to import the file. Look for the “import” tab at the top of the page once you’re logged into PHPMyAdmin.


Oh thank god, I really have to thank you 1 000 000 times


but i cant buy a plane i only can buy a license


It set by default that u have to buy a license to be able to buy planes. So buy the license then u can buy the planes. Plus the license is best used b/c you can set the price to anything. If u still can’t buy a plane after buying the license then you probably don’t have the sql uploaded correctly. If you know that it is installed correctly & are still having problems please post the issue on github for esx_aircraftshop & post some pics of the Database & any errors popping up.


Is it possible to add the assignment option for each rank of another vehicle for sale. I mean, the boss has access to sell every assigned aircraft / helicopter while the employee has limited access.


Does have need esx_eden_garage to use Boat Shop and aircraft shop?