[Release][ESX] Properties


The issue with esx_property and esx_status is caused by custom JS clientside script.
Don’t be confused with NUI/resource .js files, we are talking about client_script which is JavaScript file instead of lua.

How to trace it down:
The easiest method for me was to:

find . -name "__resource.lua" -print0 | xargs -0 grep ".js | grep client

Stop this resource and you will be fine.

Confirmed resources which are breaking the esx_status/property:

Once again, remember it’s about JS file which is defined as client side script. All of the nui js files are fine, as they are just part of the specific resource.

Thanks to @iridium from FiveM’s staff for helping out!

Server invalid ref call error [FIXED]

I have a problem I can’t do anything with the properties. I edited the SQL and now nothing works. here’s a vid. and here’s my SQL…
properties.sql (19.9 KB)


I’m not a genius programmer but I think those commands are for Linux if I’m not mistaken, do you by any chance know the Windows CMD or PowerShell equivalent??


guys how to fix duplicate problem ?


how do i fix my guns not showing up? I can put food, drugs and other stuff in my apartments inv but when i put a gun it takes it away from me and it wont show up in the apartment inv? I have no errors in my console either its all installed correctly i think.


got a question, how to setup that only one player can have a property.
so if i buy a property its “closed” for other player


I have the same problem, does anyone have a solution to the problem?


Hi, I have a small bug on my server with this script. All the properties are the same even tho i can chose multiple model from the list. When inside one apartment if u can my view or go into no clip the interior will chnage. Here is a small video of that problem. Is there somekind of way to fix this ?


@Sorrora Fix this s***t problems !

Dont sleep please …


@ undamagedVirus Do you have any ideas now? I have the same issue


Hello everyone, I installed correctly, is without errors. How do I add houses for sale?How do I buy houses?


I cant add weapons into the houses! When i add them, and then i want to take them out they aren’t there!


don’t rent this one until we fund someting to fix it


Hope fix will be done soon. I really want to rent one in particular.


You have the same coordinates is it may be problem like when i go my home another player can come my home from another property?


my weapons are disappearing from the property, someone knows how to solve


Go to server/main.lua

TriggerEvent('esx_datastore:getDataStore', 'property', xPlayer.identifier, function(store)
		local storeWeapons = store.get('weapons') or {}


TriggerEvent('esx_datastore:getDataStore', 'property', xPlayer.identifier, function(store)
      local storeWeapons = store.get('weapons')
        if storeWeapons ~= nil then
          weapons = storeWeapons

This should help.


dose this one work aslonf side of esx clothshop just every other one iv tried my brought clothes isn’t in there


Could someone help me with this error?


It says that it expected one result from the subquery but received more. Perhaps you’ve got duplicates in that mysql table?