[Release] [ESX] [Police Job]


Anyone knows how to disable respawn police cars ? i mean that next to police station etc.


Go on zap hosting and disable Force Overwrite in the resources tab.


Can anyone help me with adding in cars and uniforms? For some reason the default cars wont show up in the menu.


Error parsing script config.lua in resource esx_policejob: config.lua:44: unfinished string near '‘WEAPON_CARBINERIFLEMK2 price = 10000 },’
Failed to load script config.lua.
Error loading script server/main.lua in resource esx_policejob: server/main.lua:5: attempt to index a nil value (global ‘Config’)
stack t
what is this!!


how it should look { name = ‘WEAPON_NIGHTSTICK’, price = 200 }


Good Job


Withdraw and deposit society $ do not work for me :confused:


After a Server restart the markers wont work But if i give me the job again it is working. But after all restarts is this problem


I have a problem when I go to the police garage and press e does not open a menu to spawn the car but the blue circle is there for help please

Sorry my english is not good


make sure you have society_police entry in the datastore table in your database


How can I add helicopter?


How can I delete items from armory and add new wears? Im deleting it from config.lua and nothing, everything is the same. :confused:



would you know how to fix ths?
any idea


Hello! I love the script, i would just like to be able to replace the skin menu that is in by default with the EUP menu. I’ve seen it done just not sure how i would do it


does anyone know how to replace the vehicle menu with a table of car names which relate to spawn codes? so you can just click e.g ‘FPIU’ and behind the scenes the spawn code linked to FPIU will be deployed


you need to create the table for it


how did you decide that?


I have exactly the same problem


Since yesterday the markers in the police station wont work, i can see them but i cant interact with them…


this is shown up if i press F8:
error resuming coroutine: client/main.lua:1799: attempt to call a nil value (field ‘ShowHelpNotification’)
stack traceback:
client/main.lua:1799: in function