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Would anyone here happen to know any ways that I can set this job up to be acquired by a marker in the PD and just have it check to see if a player is white-listed to do that specific job? Or do we still have to set the job manually every time?


Please can you help me?


manual if whitelisted


let me see your server.cfg


start esx_license
start esx_policejob
start esx_dmvschool

I have installed the last version(s) of esx_policejob, esx_license it works still not.


Its fixed.


I encounter the same issue sadly. How did you manage to fix it?


For some reason only the shared vehicles come up in the garage :confused: How to change that?


What did you find out sorry I was tied up in IRL stuff


Let me see the cfg vehicle part


In the database, you edit the label of the job.


I figured it out, all it was was a missing comma for some reason


I only saw that it only works with esx_identity. I do not use esx_identity so unfortunately I can not use it either. Is it possible that you can create a version on which it works without esx_identity? Will be super!


The armory, boss menu and locker room don’t work. i can see the circles but when i press e nothing happens. What have i done wrong?


@simmelj Download New Version Of es_extended

Link : https://github.com/ESX-Org/es_extended


How can I change f6 for f8?


@EpreeeN Replace F6 With F8 in this line


Could someone tell me why every time I attempt to edit the config file in order to change the default vehicles the server reverts back to the original config (yes I’ve been clearing the cache). Also the discord link is invalid.


Thanks man!


Youre Welcome


The boss’s menu does not work, when I give the “E” nothing appears How do I solve it?