[Release] [ESX] [Police Job]


Nice script, been using since day 1.
However, you are only able to put in 1 person in the back of your vehicle :confused:


I can’t see boss menu ingame, why?


I have this Problem with the Car Spawner too. Can you help me please, I am frustrated, and my Head is hurting from my Desk :smiley:

Thank you so much!


If you need help with server development add me 天国#5944


sure https://discord.gg/kn6C4S


How can I delete police from jobcenter?


In your sql go in jobs and you will see police or LSPD type 1 for whitelist


In the boss menu, when I press the “E” I do not see anything in that menu. How do I solve it? It just happens to me in the boss’s menu.


OK, so I’m looking at adding the player ID at the end of the steam id, any help? :slight_smile:


I can not collect the cones, only the fences and spikes. What do I do to solve it?


Need to make sure you have latest files for esxpolice job and identity


Don’t belive there is one it’s been that way forever just remove what you put down and move on most times when you get one down on top the ground you can get one Down in line from it


Not sure I understand your question


So, what I’m trying to do is when you view the players ID, I want the actually player ID to show up next to the steam name


My license does not work. When I press licenses in the F6 menu, he opens and there is nothing. Just empty. How can I ensure this works?


install esx license and enable it in the police config also need to install DMV so that the players have a license. Make sure you have all dependencies installed for policejob and license


I already did that. Also turned on. This does not solve it.


Are you doing this near a player? did they perform the license task? I have to ask because some don’t think that needs to be done


Yes. As soon as I stand next to a player who, for example, has obtained his driver’s license via DMV school, I open my F6 menu and go to player player interaction> licenses. Now I normally hear what evidence he has. This does not happen. It remains empty, as if he has nothing. I’ve already tried this with multiple players.


Hello, I have a handcuffs script. When I use it, there’s an error in console: player is not a cop. How to fix it? Edit esx_policejob?