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It will be possible to put sound to action of handcuffing the player with InteractSound


I too have the same problem. I added custom uniforms, but only the NPCs have them.

If I choose the police outfit into the cloackroom menu with my character, I obtain the default uniform.

Any ideas?


Why does everyone always become uncuffed if they try to move?


In order for you to wear the uniforms you must activate
Config.EnableNonFreemodePeds = false – turn this on if you want custom peds


This morning I found the custom peds. Thanks!


I have 2 questions:

The first one is: I tried to remove sticky bombs but it’s s didn’t work. I deleted the line but it still in the weapon list. can someone help me with this? (I can still use it too).

The second one is: I want custom police uniforms in the server, I put Config.EnableESXIdentity = true and Config.EnableNonFreemodePeds = true. but it doesn’t work for some reason. I already insert they uniforms.
It doesn’t show up in the cloakroom. can someone help me with this? The NPC’s have the correct uniform I need. the rest is like this

It looks like the config.lua file doesn’t save.



how i can remove this “gps point”


That’s a really great addon to the servers worldwide, great script.


[Police confiscate item on a dead body, dupe items on revive] - I’ve not seen any answers for this. Is there a way to fix this problem? All I know is that when you get revived, it loads the playermodel once again which will make you get the loadout again.


How to turn off the Cops Blips on the map?


bossactions aint working any solutions?

everything updated ofc


When adding in other vehicle SpawnPoints i am getting vehicle is blocked message … any ideas?


I can not seize drugs, the villains. Because I have drugs already. How to increase the number of police to seize drugs?



When i open the weapon menu i can’t pickup any weapons?
does somebody had the solution?



Hello everyone,

I am new in here.

  • I got an issue with my “esx_policejob”.
    When i got the job as LSPD, and then log off the server, and later get back on the server, i am still in LSPD, but i cant do all the “police stuff”, as taking out a car, get weapons in armoury or change the clothes.
  • I have added all the other jobs, which all work perfectly., even when relogging.

Does anyone know how to fix this, i used pretty much all day yesterday to fix it, and nothing happend, still same problem., thats why i now ask all of you.

Btw. Sorry the bad english.

  • And thank you for the help.



I was wondering, how could I give an access to player management to deputy (which is different rank?)

Something like this doesn’t work… O:)

if Config.EnablePlayerManagement and PlayerData.job ~= nil and PlayerData.job.name == ‘police’ and (PlayerData.job.grade_name == ‘boss’ or PlayerData.job.grade_name == ‘lieutenant’) then


Right now in the script its only showing Mission Row. If we wanted to add 3 more stations how would we go about this? I have tried several different things all day and can’t seem to get anything to work. Any advice would be great.


Does someone know how to make unlimited weapons in the


make the Config.EnableArmoryMangement= false AND ALL ITS FREE


in the config.lua my friend