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Great will try that thanks!


How can i cuff/uncuff players?


how do you make it so all the outfits u can see because when im swat or anything it doenst show anything but bulletproof vest but nothing to do with police but with other ranks all it shows is normal police uniform but when i go into the files it shows that there is a swat skin but i want it so even if your a level 1 police officer u can still see all of the uniforms and im just confused why when im swat captain rank it doesnt show any police outfits


Hello i need help i cant buy weapons


How do I remove sticky bomb from the locker?


Config.lua > then you’ll see “authorized_weapons” simply remove { name = ‘WEAPON_STICKYBOMB’, price = xx }, (just for sure don’t leave empty lines, it caused policejob crash for me)


Everytime i press F6 i get up the message ‘’ Translation [EN][service_not] does not exist. I have the latest policejob. I have change Maxinservice in the config to 4. And i still get this message, even if i am in service i get it. Does somebody have any idees what it can be?


Seems like you are missing the translation file of it


Check your _resource file ‘locales/en.lua’


I have them… This happend after i restarted my server and i havent changed anything…


in locales/en.lua in there a translation of service and if so, check the first line if its indeed Locales[‘en’] = {


Show me your en.lua and _resource.lua


en.lua (5.7 KB)


_resource.lua ? please


__resource.lua (659 Bytes)


Have you got this Requirements?


Yes i have (20char…)


No idea. Try to reinstall plugin


I have tryed to install a new policejob. And i got the same message… So i dont really know what to do now


Weird :confused: