[RELEASE][ESX] Persistent Death



Greatly varies depending on your skin mod. I have it fixed on my server but I’m using my own skin management. Which are you using?


im using esx_skin i think

Im using :


Rename playerSpawned on line 35 of my client.lua file to something else like salty_death:loaded. This will prevent it from happening automatically at spawn. Now, go into esx_skin and add TriggerEvent('salty_death:loaded') to line 304 before the end) .

This should make this script run after the esx_skins script spawns the character.


i have to change the triggerevent on the client.lua file in esx_skin ?

edit : like this http://prntscr.com/k5v8bg ?


No, you rename the event in the client.lua of salty_death, and trigger an additional event from esx_skin. You don’t rename the event in ESX skin.

It would look like this:

ESX.TriggerServerCallback('esx_skin:getPlayerSkin', function(skin, jobSkin)

        if skin == nil then
          TriggerEvent('skinchanger:loadSkin', {sex = 0}, OpenSaveableMenu)
          TriggerEvent('skinchanger:loadSkin', skin)


thank you for the help and fast reply <3


i must be doing something wrong



respawn to hospital menu timer


My server still does not record death.




Dead when joined server.


This is kinda awkward

So… You die and you stand up and walk around… anyway to stop this? lmao


What skin system are you using?


esx_skin and I followed how it was done above and still same thing.


This resource isn’t easily compatible with some skin systems. I’ll eventually update it to hook into popular ones.


so when i join in. using esx_skin and all other normal esx scripts. and this says its compatible with esx right? i load onto my character. than drop dead even if in the database IsDead is set to 0. than i refresh the db and its set too 1… so i /revive and now its 0 again okay… i log out… log back in… i drop dead again… any ideas?